Saturday, December 29, 2007

Long Island vs New Jersey

We just came off stage from night three of our four-night engagement in the NYC area. Long Island's audiences blew Newark's out of the water, enthusiasm-wise. But hopefully everybody was having fun tonight. Jamie said New Yorkers have pretty much seen it all, so I guess we shouldn't feel too discouraged.

The kids were still smiling, albeit in relative silence. And when I say relative silence, I mean screaming really loud. Just not as loud as usual.

Boy are we spoiled.

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  1. I'm coming to the concert in Newark tomorrow, and I will make sure that we are enthusiastic and scream as loud as possible, from the nosebleed section hahahaha

  2. LMAO, I went to the NY concert, both nights. Did you hear random screams when there was silence? :)

  3. Okay that was the LAMEST crowd at a concert. You were right, Newark crowds suck haha. The show was AMAZING and I felt bad for miley that the crowd wasn't that into it. Compared to Wachovia, Newark was dead silence. I was screaming SOOOOOO loud, and jumping up and down. One lady behind us asked me to sit down because her daughter couldn't see, how lame is that?
    Good job in the concert, and I got a video of you dancing, I will post the link later haha