Monday, December 3, 2007


The Oklahoma show was a good time. Jamie (guitarist) took a little impromptu trip to Schmid Island today during "Old Blue Jeans," which is wonderful, however it was the worst possible spot in the whole show. That's the only time where all the dancers and the background singers are crammed all around my keyboards and they barely have room to move around. Today they had to maneuver around me and Jamie. It was very tight, and Jamie and I were laughing the whole time. The dancers seemed extremely surprised.

Hopefully Jamie won't be discouraged from taking future trips to the Island.

On the bus ride to Kansas City, I was feeling very sleepy so I basically just passed out in my bunk. To my dismay, I woke to find the band had watched "Magnolia," my very favorite movie of all-time, and I missed it. Oh well. Next time.

Now we're at a super-swanky Hyatt in Kansas City, MO. So very fancy. And ultra-decorated for Christmas. It's the most wonderful time of the year, lest we forget.

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  1. Thats awesome that your in Missouri.I just left there yesterday lol Will see you on stage at the show this saturday! Love your Blog!

  2. if you get a chance check out the KC Market it's one of the coolest open markets ever, and the Plaza. When the Christmas lights are up, it's one of the most festive places you'll ever see.

    Way to make it out of Arkansas unscathed, with your clothes on and no Deliverance or fires and other such travelogues (or travesties, I get those two words mixed up.)


  3. That bed looks nicer than mine at home..that's a little sad.

  4. Just had to tell you the KC Concert was AWESOME!! You guys did a great job! My 7 year old had the time of her life!

    Thank you!!

  5. Ami: Enjoy!

    Aaron: Well last year, "travelogue" and "travesty" were one in the same, but this year I'm learning that they're actually different things. :)

    Aly: Yeah, it was very cozy.

    Jaime: Thanks! So glad you two enjoyed yourselves.