Friday, December 21, 2007

Recap/It's All Blurring Together

We played a fairly sober show in Hartford, Connecticut. Jaime, Stacy and Kay demanded Pepe's Pizza, cause I don't know, it brough back fuzzy memories or something. So it ended up on our bus after the show. And it was a good dinner.

And a mediocre breakfast. And a sketchy dinner the next day. Honestly, we'll probably eat it today too. I think it's coming to the end of its lifespan. There sure was a lot of it, though.

Last night we played a rip-roaring rambunctious show in Providence, Rhode Island. That audience was crazy. They even stomped their feet for the encore.

Now we've just got a show tonight and tomorrow night in Worcester (hooray for staying in the same place for two nights! Yay! I can almost move in!), and then we're all flying to our families for a brief (3 day) Christmas break.

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  1. Yay! It's exciting that you guys are staying so close to where I live :]
    P.S. the Providence show was amazing

  2. That just made me so excited about the Pepe's pizza. but Hartford is at least a half an hour from New Haven, who went out of their way to get it?! it totally does taste just as great the next day...or two. BTW I was at the Hartford show :)