Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm Not A Real Doctor But They Call Me Doctor Worm

So I saw a doctor in Lexington. It was less of a diagnosis and more of a guesstimation. He glanced up my nose and mumbled, "Allergies. You have allergies."

I've had allergies all my life and they've never made me cough up a gizzard like this.

He prescribed some antihistamine nasal spray called Astilin (catchy!) and an antibiotic. Seemed pretty standard for him. In fact, he had a little cough of his own and was taking Astilin himself. He also prescribed it to Kay. Cure-all, anyone?

But whatever, I'll try anything once. Well, okay that's not true at all. There are a lot of things I won't try: squid, cocaine, ritual blood sacrifices... Astilin, however, is fine.

And surprise of surprises, it's been helping. I sprayed an unpleasant spritz into my nostrils once last night and once this morning and I think the clouds are clearing in SinusLand. I'm still coughing like a seasoned smoker with a deathwish, though. I'll let you know in a few days.

Kay warned me against taking the antibiotic, cause I've already taken two courses of antibiotics since I've been on this tour and I don't know, my head would probably explode if I took another.

Best to be safe with these things.

Last night we stayed at The Cincinnatian. It was really cool, but in creepy way. The lobby was all decked out for the holidays with soul-less little animatronic people welcoming us. In the room, somebody left me a cookie...just sort of sitting out:

There was also Christmas music playing. How charming, right? Except the volume was so low that I didn't notice it at first and then I thought I was hearing a choir inside my brain cells. It took me a few minutes to discover where it was coming from. Clock radio.

I thought this was sweet though:

And I really liked the giant window:

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  1. I really hope you didn't eat that good as it looks, that's pretty sketchy.

    Glad you're feeling a little better, though!

  2. haha yea what Aly said, i wouldn't have eaten that cookie lol. but i went to the concert in Lexington and had a great time and i saw that Joe and Miley both visited Schmid island. I got a picture of Miley playing the keyboard by you. and that was funny when you picked up the confetti off the floor and threw it above her head. but i hope you had a good time in Lexington and I'm glad your feeling a little better.

  3. Eat the cookie you wuss.

    You looked very spiffy today in your little sports coat space-age looking jackety thing.

    Ahh...border tonite eh? I worder how my 2 passports are gonna go across there. Wanna bet I'll be the cause of all trouble in this tour?

  4. Hey Mike
    Thanks for "hanging out" in Cincinnati - over the phone from ten miles away, but hey. I enjoyed catching up. Keep in touch. I started a blog recently too - check it out at

    peace & blessings


  5. pffff... my doctor says "the cough that never dies" is a sinus infection... I ask you, "doctor", how a sinus infection could give me a cough, but not a runny nose?!?