Thursday, October 18, 2007

...When East St. Louis Was Not Far Away

It went well. Very well. We all had a blast, and rocked out to the sound of 30,000 screaming adolescent girls.

Everything ran smoothly, despite the fact that we were still getting levels and making huge changes to the set only hours earlier.

I took this shot about a half hour before the show. By the time we started, the place was packed.
And here we all are in the dressing room just before hitting the stage.

l. to r. - Jaime (guitar), Candice (vocals), Jaco (guitar), Kay (vocals), Vishon (bass), Stacy (drums), me and Fred (Miley's vocal coach).

Fred has become my new best friend on the tour, and I'm totally bummed that he's leaving us tomorrow. But he'll be joining us again in Salt Lake City for the 3D movie shoot. I'm also sad to leave my temporary home here at the Westin, which has been serious luxury. I'll miss the giant windows with the only-minorly-obstructed view of the St. Louis Arch:

One show down, fifty-four to go!

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  1. Mike,

    Wanted to write in to say congratulations on what sounds like an amazing experience with the Hannah tour -- definitely seems to be the hottest concert ticket this season, and I am sure a pathway to bigger and better things. Also wanted to say how sad I was to hear about the divorce, especially in light of the highs of becoming a father and your professional successes. I have faith, though, in your ability to survive this chaos and to use the pain to create even more amazing music -- and that brighter days are ahead. You are too talented and have had too many people recognize that talent for you not to be on the cusp of hitting it big.

    When you guys swing through Long Island/Newark, if you have time to grab a drink, please let me know. Until then, enjoy the tour and best of luck with everything.


  2. David, thank you so much for your encouragement. It's definitely been a strange time of ups and downs.

    I hope you're doing well. Let's talk in December.

  3. The Hannah Montanna phenomenon is hardly limited to adolescent girls. Yesterday my six-year-old boy asked me to buy him the Hannah Montanna 2 CD for Christmas. They grow up so fast.

  4. You're out on the road with Arentzen ??? What a strange small world of music we live in here in LA! Don't worry, I'm hitting HIM up for tickets, not seven year old niece is already taking after Auntie...backstage laminates and her "I'm with the band" pout.