Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Game 1

Most of the band are rabid Red Sox fans, and every night before and after the show, they've been running out to the bus to watch the game on TV. So it's a great and strange coincidence that the Sox should be headed to the World Series, of which game 1 against the Colorado Rockies just so happens to be the same night we're in Denver, and have the night off.

They're going to the sports bar to watch the game, but I'm a little worried for they're going to be hideously unpopular as Red Sox fans in there...

As interesting as it sounds, I'm meeting up with friends and family tonight, so I won't witness the carnage.

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  1. There's definitely going to be some carnage because the Rox are going to pound the Sox! (I hope!)

  2. Okay, so the game isn't going how I expected. In fact, it's not even over and I stopped watching two innings ago. This is a bloodbath and I cannot bear to watch. I hang my head in shame.

  3. Everybody's really happy about the sweep around here!

    My condolences, John.