Monday, October 15, 2007

We're Everywhere and We're Broken!

While I was getting ready this morning, I had the TV on randomly, and Ellen was on. She was talking about how huge the Jonas Brothers are and how she's having them on her show. I'm playing keys for them on our tour. Ellen said they'll be on her show on October 26, which is weird because we have a show that night.

Then while I was eating at the hotel bar, there was a story on the news about Hannah Mania, and they're giving Hannah Makeovers this week to get people ready for the concert on Thursday. No pressure.

We're rehearsing for the next few days in the stadium. And it is huge. I'll try to take some pics tomorrow. Right now it's almost midnight, I'm exhausted and still sick. I felt all spacy and floaty on stage tonight. Many of the cast and crew are either sick or injured at this point. Kay (singer), Stacy (drummer) and I all have colds. Corey (dancer), Ryan (dancer) and Kenny (director) have all sprained their ankles, and Miley's injured her toe. Hopefully we'll all recover by Thursday.

I'm ordering room service and heading to bed.

Mmmmm. Room service.

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