Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blacking Out The Friction

After the self-pity-fest that was yesterday's blog entry, things have gotten better. I've been trying to connect more with the peeps on the tour. Last night after rehearsal, I was dead tired and feeling sick and all I wanted was to conk out in my room, but instead I went to the bar with the band. I'm glad I did. I got a little buzzed for the first time since college (I'm not really much of a drinker) and that lowered my inhibitions just enough for me to be myself. Everybody was getting a little drunk so Kay (Hanley, lead singer of Letters to Cleo, singing backup on this tour) had the waitress bring crackers....tons and tons and tons of crackers, in packets. Stacy (the drummer) does this thing called Pay-Per-View, where he dares somebody to do something for money, and he Pay-Per-Viewed me $20 to eat all the crackers on the table. Kay said she'd kick in another $20, so of course I said "absolutely." I started scarfing them down and Stacy revoked his Pay-Per-View. I'm told this is very rare. He said, "I don't want you to get sick and I don't want you to lose your buzz." Very kind of him, but I wanted my $40! No, I was happy to stop. If they were Saltines it would be another story, but these were Zesta crackers and they tasted like shoe.

This morning, Candice (background singer), Jaco (guitarist) and I went to the City Museum. It's basically a big playground for grown-ups, with all sorts of art that you can climb. (The Blogger Uploader is being fussy, so you can see pics on my Flickr stream).

We had a blast and basically spent the day climbing up, sliding down and spelunking through man-made caves. If you're ever in St. Louis I highly recommend it.

Full rehearsal tonight, with about a thousand people in the audience. Tomorrow night it'll be more like 30,000.

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