Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Goodbye Portland!

I'm so glad to be leaving the Pacific Northwest. Not that it's not beautiful. Not that it's not filled with culture. It's just that, for me, it's associated with many things to do with my wife. So I kind of expected that part of the tour to be difficult. I didn't expect to get hit by a car or anything, but that's just a bonus. Thanks Seattle.

While I was in Portland, I:
#1) tried to stay away from busy intersections and buses
#2) went to my new favorite place: play with my new favorite toy:
And that was all I found to like about Portland. Although everybody says it's really nice. I just couldn't take my chances on the streets till I got out of the crazy Pacific Northwest...seeing as it hates me and wants me to die.

The Portland show, however, was by far our most fun show so far. Pretty much everyone agreed. We were all goofing off on stage. Jaime has begun walking up to the keyboard platform and making me laugh while I'm singing during the first act. And last night, all the male dancers came out with funny wigs: mullets and afros and stuff. They had just been to the Halloween shop earlier in the day. Miley also messes up a lyric from time to time and turns around and makes crazy faces to the band. The nice thing is, with this show, nobody really needs to keep a straight face, so we were all laughing pretty hard while continuing to play.

And now it's Halloween, and we have the day off in San Francisco! Yay!

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