Friday, October 26, 2007

Shooting in Salt Lake

Tonight's show in Salt Lake City was much different than the others. The full-on 3D camera crew was there with all their gear (massive dolly tracks, humongous crane-cams stretching to the ceiling, guys with Steadycams running around the stage). We played the whole show, then came back and re-played several songs, and many of the fans stayed for a couple hours while we did that. Of course, once Miley left, they continued shooting the band for a while, but most of the fans didn't care about us.

Everyone in the upper levels were paying audience, but the crowd on the floor were all cast. I thought that was interesting.

The guys making the movie herded us band members into a little custom made tent theater, and showed us a demo of the 3D technology, with footage from our show. It's mind-blowing. This is brand new technology, and I've never seen anything so amazing. It's almost better than being there: the sense of dimensionality, the clarity, the eye-popping color. Whether you're a fan of Miley or not, go see the movie in February. It will be in all Disney Digital 3D theaters across the country.

We have another day of shooting tomorrow in the same arena.

Because of the shooting, they did hair and makeup for us, which was new to me. I've never been airbrushed before.

The wardrobe department supplied me with more shirts today, and they all fit within my parameters:
They're all black.

Right before the show my FutureSonic ears (through which I hear the whole show -- very crucial) fell off their cable and hit the floor. Then somebody stepped on them and they broke. So my right earphone now has a jagged edge, which I filed down for a while, but it still juts right into the skin of my ear. Hopefully they'll order a new one for me.

Fred, Miley's vocal coach, came back for this show, since we're shooting. Fred smelled popcorn. Fred wanted popcorn. So Fred went to concessions, and got this:

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  1. yeah, Utah has popcorn bags like that every where. trust me. lol. it is worse at Holgle zoo in Salt Lake.