Monday, October 1, 2007

The Keyboard Rig

Hannah Montana rehearsal are progressing well. We're still at Center Staging. (Click on photo to enlarge).
And yes, that is a massage chair. This nice guy named John is the band masseuse. He also brings us yummy food like couscous and jicima.

Here's my keyboard rig.
Note how tiny it is. I had this genius idea to buy keyboards that were super-small and super-portable, but that was unnecessary because we'll have roadies! *sigh*

In order to make the rig look less like a pea on an elephant, they're going to build me a big cabinet all around the keyboards. This means people won't really be able to see what I'm doing, which is a double-edged sword, because 1.) they won't see me mess up, but 2.) they won't see mah cool moves.

I'm totally going to feel like a mad scientist in my lab behind that big thing.

Today we had our wardrobe fittings. I like my shirts, which is good cause I'll be wearing them every day for the next few months. Better bring my deodorant!

Wednesday we move to the big Disney Soundstage.

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  1. Hi there!
    Yes, as they say,
    "Tipping is not a place in China"
    Just kidding.

  2. I was looking around for any information about the upcoming concerts and tour of Hannah Montana.

    I found some good info over at but does anyone else have any info they could provide like image galleries or other info?


  3. I hope you keep us posted about the tour as it goes. It's seriously killer that you're doing this, and I've been bragging to all my youth at church, "I have a friend who's playing keys on Hannah MOntana's tour."

    Chris/Dale and I both came to the conclusion, that she should be opening for you.
    Wish I could catch you, so call me if you get bored, which I don't think you will. 573/579/1912

    rock on!

  4. And remember...if the person giving the massage is male, he's a masseur. :)

    Good luck on the tour! I thought about taking my kids to the Denver tour stop, but then I saw the ticket prices. Yowza! I had no idea Ms. Montana was so popular!

    BTW, I agree. She should be opening for you. Your CD is superb.

  5. See you in Worchester, MA.
    I'll be a rigger at that venue.
    Probably the only female rigger.