Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tonight's The Night

My cold has degraded into a sinus infection. Kay has one too. We've got a doctor coming in today to prescribe us some antibiotics. When I woke up this morning I could barely talk.

In other news, the dress rehearsal went fantastically well last night. But management still felt the show was a bit too long, so we cut three more songs. That's a total of six songs we've cut in the last couple weeks. And of course they're always my favorites. But now the set is tighter, which was the idea. It's an amazing show. No one will be disappointed.

And it's all over the news. Every time I walk by a TV, they're talking about the tour and how incredibly sold out it is. People are doing crazy things for tickets. There was a banana-eating -contest and a men-wearing-high-heels race.

Tonight's the night. It's 6pm. We're seeing the doc, getting wardrobe fittings, going to catering and then it's SHOWTIME!

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  1. I just got over a sinus infection, so I'll give you some advice. If they gave you Augmentin for it, eat lots of yogurt!!

    Just trust me on that one. Your digestive system will thank me.

  2. It was something else, but I think the good bacteria in yogurt would help me anyway! Thanks, John.