Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thunderbirds Are Go!

The run through went well. Very well. There were lots of young'uns there, and they had a blast. We did stop a couple times, but everybody just seemed happy to be there. There are some really fun surprises in the show, which I won't ruin here.

The pyros were interesting. There was one song where I was basically choking on gunpowder. It was hilarious. Also, so not cool how the raining debris makes my keyboards all grainy and black. Towards the end of the show it gets pretty hard to play them. Eh. Such is life.

I have to buy my show clothes sometime before we leave Sunday. Bought my big fat suitcase today. So SO excited to go. Everybody in the band is on Southwest...except me. Haha suckaz! I'm on American. Not sure why but I'll take it!

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