Friday, February 15, 2008

Pretending It's July

It's 2:15am. Other than lunch with my friend Jan, I've spent the entire day working. Yes, I decided to celebrate Valentine's Day this year by flat-out ignoring it.

I've finished upgrading my studio to be fully Mac, and now I'm learning Final Cut and Logic and the other eight or so programs in their respective suites. That's a lot of learning, which equates to a lot of hours staring at a screen.

My parents were sweet and dropped by with a salad, some fruit and a little heart full of chocolates. So I took a five minute break and ate. Treating myself.

But this is probably for the best. I have my custody mediation downtown tomorrow, with Nicole joining us on the phone. It's stressful, and depressing, and absolutely ironic in its scheduling.

So I'll just keep working and try not to think about that.

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  1. Hang in there, Mike.

    I just wanted to let you know that it wasn't 'til I heard the song "It's All True" that I found a song that captured how I was truly feeling.

    I was getting over a girl that was nothing like she said she was. I plan to pick up your CD now. Keep writing and performing.

    Take Care

  2. Sorry to hear that you're going thru this difficult phase.

    I've been watching the episodes of The Black Donnelly's and remembered "Gone to Pieces" so I find myself here. I know it's only available thru Broadjam and I'll find a way to buy it online, I dislike using credit cards. But this weekend if I can find some time I'll head to Amoeba in Hollywood and order your CDs if they don't have 'em.

    I wish you well.


  3. sorry your going through a tough time....hope everything works out for you!

  4. My best friend got his divorce papers in the mail the morning of Valentine's Day. No malice, I'm sure; she isn't that clever. But an unfortunate coincidence of timing.

    Good luck tomorrow.

  5. ugh ... sorry for you man. Custody Mediations are by no means any fun, I've been there. Same as always, and I know you will, gotta keep the little one first, the rest will fall in line.

    Not sure if it'll help or not, but for me ... Something Corporate helped me get through my divorce. That and delving into my own music, writing, keeping busy. You'll look back a coouple years from now and it'll all seem like a weird dream, but you'll come out a better person in the end. Good luck to you. I'm praying for ya man.

  6. Sorry for the stress and the timing, Mike. I'm glad you're keeping busy though. It must be therapeutic to focus on your work, particularly when it's so rewarding, and something you're great at. Staying positive for you, my friend.

  7. Yay for Mac! I made the big change this summer and couldn't be happier.

    Good luck today.

  8. ableton live is pretty amazing -- can't recommend it enough.