Friday, February 1, 2008

Bye Bye Neon

I'm calling it right now: Miami -- Worst Airport Ever. We got here two hours before check-in, but a cruise just let out and all the lines were really long. After waiting in three different lines and being misdirected by the completely unpleasant staff, I got the "random security check." It's not random. I look a little Arabic, and I get it nearly every time. Ah, racial profiling. How 1965.

Also, why is everyone in this airport so pushy? Kay and I both nearly got knocked down or mowed over several times.

Though we arrived two hours early, we still almost missed our flight.

And now, as always, I'm seated on the plane, right in front of the loudest children in the world.

Praying for sleep.

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  1. At least its not a crying baby. :) Enjoy the flight. :)

  2. sounds like your not having a very good day....well i hope it improves!!!

  3. aww- hope the flight was ok!! I hope youll be blogging all about the goodbye.. any tears?? any last words??

  4. Those kids on the plane are probably still hiped up from the Hanna Montana concert they went to last that would be ironic.

  5. I definitely agree that the Miami airport is one of the worst. When I was there this past summer the air conditioning didn't work.

  6. its only been like 10 hours since you posted this but because you where blogging so much the last day few days i already feel blog deprived lol

  7. lol sorry about the racial profiling. my family is we generally get stopped. we're used to it.

    glad you got home safe! i'm still going to read and enjoy your blogs! :)

  8. Mike so sorry about the way you were treated in Miami. I agree Miami has to be the worst airport in Florida.
    Hope you did make it home okay. Please keep up your blogs as I sure have enjoyed reading them. Hope you can get some rest for a while