Wednesday, February 20, 2008

One Of Those Prawn Salad Waiting Room Days

Today was a glitch day. First, my brand new MacPro erased my iPod and has been locking up every time it tries to sync it. So my 7,000+ songs on the iPod are gone.

Then, said brand new MacPro locked up in every conceivable way in every conceivable program. This is after I've already reinstalled my OS and reinstalled all the programs. This takes hours. And I've had this computer less than a week. You know what they say about how "Macs Just Work?" Not so much.

I have an appointment tomorrow with an Apple Genius. (Could they be any more full of themselves!?)

Then, I had Ben over again (he's leaving town soon and I'm trying to see him as much as possible) to watch a movie. After five minutes, the disc started skipping. It was a rental, and sometimes they're a little dirty or scratched. I pulled it out to clean it. It was literally THE dirtiest disc I've ever seen. Something was smeared all over it. I couldn't get it off.

So we abandoned the movie and started playing Bioshock. I wanted to show the game to Ben. After about a half hour we ran into a gamebreaking glitch. I have never found a bug in this game. Ever. Until today. Prawn Salad Waiting Room Day.

Ben showed me this video, which completely describes how I'm feeling.

Now I need to just go to bed and not touch anything. I'm a little afraid my bed might fall through the floor or something...

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  1. Tough break man. Don't walk too fast to your bed, though, you might dent the floor. :)

  2. After watching that video I'm so happy that the keys aren't flying off my computer while I'm typing this. I hope today brings the Happy Computer Fairy to you to make all the glitches miraculously fade to oblivion!

  3. awww poor mike.
    i've had those kinda days before.
    but really strange about the mac. my family all have them and have never had any problems. yeah. i know that doesn't make you feel better.
    but i hope today is a good day!
    good luck to you.

  4. Mike, sorry to hear about all your computer problems and bad day. I hope the Apple people can help you out to get you back on track. The video was very funny and reminded me of that slogan I keep seeing on TV that "Life comes at you fast." I think it is a Nationwide Insurance commercial. Did you break any mirrors lately?

  5. Hey Mike:) Tough break! Will say a prayer for your 2nd child, your computer!

    Loved the Video, man, can anyone have more bad luck! Poor Guy! Hang in there, things do get better, tomorrow is another day!