Monday, February 11, 2008

Fair To Middling, IMO

The show at Genghis went well enough. A bunch of folks from the tour showed up, including Jaco, Candice and Gabi. We had a great time, and my voice held up fairly well, despite the fact that I was totally stuffed up and feeling pretty icky.

However...I just spoke with my cousin, who is a doctor. He says he thinks from my symptoms that I might have walking pneumonia. This is not as surprising as I wish it was, as Kay has this, and Jason from Mileyworld had to leave the tour because of walking pneumonia.

I'm going to see a doctor this week. Keep your fingers crossed.

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  1. need an informed diagnosis, some good meds and some rest. Good luck and I hope you feel better real soon....
    Gail B.

  2. aww i hope you get well soon Mike. and congratulations on your show. thats cool that Candace, Jaco, and Gabi showed up.

  3. I am inpressed with "the show must go on" attitude you & the rest of the group have shown during (and after the tour)the tour. I hope you get better soon.

  4. Mike,

    I am happy to hear that you were able to do your show and that some of your buddies were there to see you. Now, it is time to take care of yourself by seeing the doctor and getting well. There have been a lot of walking pneumonia cases this year that I know of and it will take some time to get over it. You'll want to be all better by that big show in March at the Houston Rodeo.

  5. hope you feel better very soon

  6. hope you feel better, i'm sick too. there's a lot of sickness going around right now.

  7. ouch that sucks. i had walking pneumonia last year. somehow it lead 2 grtting my toncils taken out but that was cuz i had walking pneumonia and strep at the same time. glad u got to play your show. now its time to rest up and feel better. (i kno exactly how u feel)

  8. take care of yourself!!! ewww!!! Jaco and Gabi are cool but candice is a dirty skank! Ive worked with her in the past and shes way nasty!

  9. Mike!
    you were GREAT! We loved seeing you and hearing you! You weren't feeling great, but gave a great show - you and Andrea both!
    Great job!
    Be well,