Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Chillin' On Mini Schmid Island

Entry coming soon about my packed weekend in San Francisco.

At the moment, I'm on stage at NBC, soundchecking for Leno. We tape at 4pm.

The stage is very small (it looks much bigger on TV), so they do have a drum riser for Stacy, but instead of being six feet tall, it's about two. and I do have a Schmid Island, but it's a cute little miniaturized version.

We're playing "Ready, Set, Don't Go" with Miley and Billy Ray. They are actually the main interview guests as well. Should be fun!

As I blog this from my phone, Stacy is checking drum sounds and the rest of us are standing around.

At 1 we have an on-camera rehearsal. Then it's off to hair and makeup (except not so much for me).

See you tonight. Wave at your TV's again!

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  1. Thanks for the extra info, I'll be tuning in!

    I expect some awesome camera angles on you playing in Schmid island

  2. Sorry about your Island but I'm sure you'll manage, I'll have to TiVO the show since I'll be working on my reports that are oveerdue, oh well

  3. Hi Mike,

    Wow, this is so cool! I am really looking forward to seeing Billy Ray, Miley and you on Jay Leno tonight. I will definitely be waving to you and them. Thanks for keeping us in the know.


  4. awesome!! What was it like seeing everyone again?! Can't wait to watch tonight!

  5. I can't wait to watch the show tonight. Just another hour and 30 minutes till it comes on. Hopefully I'll be able to watch it since it comes on at 10:36 and I have to be in bed by 11 but hopefully my mom lets me stay up to watch it.

  6. I haven't seen your blog in a while...didn't know about this, but sat down to watch some TV and there was Ms. Cyrus mit popa
    Cool, looked good.


  7. Hey, just saw you on Schmid Island! The band sounded great. Being a rhythm section guy, though, I couldn't stop watching the drummer and listening to the bass player. lol

  8. you guys sounded great on leno!

  9. just watched leno and the first thing i did when they started singing was look for you must have been nice to see everyone again...or atleast some of them

  10. you did great!
    everyone sounded awesome.
    and i waved :D

  11. Dude. I was mad. I couldn't watch it. Band competition this Friday and the band teacher would just like "I'm going to keep you here until 11 tonight. Get over it if you want to go home and sleep."

    I'm going to check it out on youtube in a little bit though. =]

  12. You guys sounded awesome on the show. Gotta say I was impressed with the vocals from Miley. I think this was the best she had sounded yet. She really stretched herself and it was nice to see that. She didn't stay in that comfortable range. Big difference from the Dancing with the stars performance. But again the band sounded awesome especially the guy on keyboards..(=

  13. ahhhhhh

    you and i have the same layout thing

    its like were sisters......

  14. I was there in the audience, had a great seat in front of the music set. Was so thrilled to see and hear y'all again. Miley sounded awesome and had the whole rock movements down. :)
    What a kid. What a keyboard player. ;)