Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Falling Down

Well, as you all know, I got sick again near the end of the tour. In continuing the perfect symmetry with the beginning of the tour, this sick has blown into a full-fledged sinus infection, just like it did before.

I've been getting increasingly sick this week, and it all came to a head last night when I woke around 3am and had to go the bathroom, and I blacked out. But it happened very slowly so I was able to put myself on the floor before I fell on the floor. No Kay Hanley incident here.

Anyway, after completely losing my voice, I was getting nervous that I wasn't going to be able to sing at my show this Friday, so I called my doctor and got some antibiotics prescribed. Hopefully, we'll get this thing knocked out in the next two days. I already feel quite a bit better.

The moral of the story: sometimes, drugs are awesome.

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  1. haha mike your so funny!and im so glad your feeling better...hopefully you wont be sick by friday!

  2. Wow Mike I hope you stop getting sick soon. I hopefully will try and catch a show you do. Hey I'll be in the Marina this weekend.

    Maybe the warmer weather this week will help you get better. At least it stopped raining here finally.

    Feel better. Rock on on Friday!

  3. I must say that blacking out slowly is much better. For a while I went through a lot of dizzy spells and fainted a lot.My aim slowly got better, but at the beginning I had some bad falls. One time I smoked the corner of a cabinet with my back and landed face first on tiled floor. Then one time I fell backwards onto a desk, then rolled onto a chair, then hit the floor. Hopefully you dont endure any falls like that and get better before you have to perform :)

  4. Wow that's scary, I hope you are okay, and feel better soon!!!!!

  5. I hope you're better by Friday! If only you were in LA last Friday...I drove down from Northern CA to catch the Jonas concerts on Saturday. Good luck on Friday night! Oh, and I saw the 3D movie at like 11:55pm that Friday night...and everytime we saw you on the screen, we were like: "Mike!" Haha...the effects were pretty cool. I love reading your blog by the way.