Friday, February 1, 2008

12:49 am

The karaoke ended quickly when the DJ had to go home. But not before Kay jauntily sang "This Thing Called Love," and Candice expertly belted "Hit Me With Your Best Shot." The DJ took one look at Kay and referred to her from then on as Hannah Montana. Little did she know how close she was.

We had a nice last supper. Our flights leave early in the morning. We're all flying back to LA together, except for Vashon, who will be flying to New York to join the band for The Lion King on Broadway.

But we'll all see each other in a month for the rodeo in Houston.

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  1. I know i dont know you or you dont know me.. but i feel like i was part of this tour thanks to your blogs. haha its funny... im actually REALLY REALLY sad that its over.. not the tour but your blogs about them!! i hope you keep blogging because they are so fun to read! thanks to you and kay and greg to keeping me busy while i needed to study and do other not important stuff! =-]

    I wish you the best of luck with life in La! I hoe i get ot run into you someday! =-] =-]

    Thanks again for the entertaining and updattng your blog! =-] Same goes for Kay! =-] Bye! God Bless!!!

    ps congrats on completing the Hannah Montana Tour!

  2. haha sounds like fun!!!

  3. Mike, thanks for the updates today and everyday! Your blog has been awesome and I am glad you are going to continue it.

    Gardnerville, NV

  4. Thats sounds like fun! I'm really sad the tour ended but it was fun!

  5. thats so funny how she got called "hannah montana". how ironic.