Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How Many Of You Have Seen the Movie?

The results are in. After 687 votes:

I've already seen it!
349 (50%)
I'm definitely going.
138 (20%)
I can't get tickets. Boo.
76 (11%)
I'll catch it on video...at some point
99 (14%)
Umm...no. I'm NOT into tween music.
25 (3%)

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  1. O didnt do the poll because i didnt know what i could put.
    I live in England and am going to see it here when it comes out on march 14th i think.

  2. I havent seen the movie but have heard from others who did and they say its great. Its not playing at any theater near me. Hope it comes out on dvd soon. I do want to see it.

  3. I saw it. Simply M-AZING. I wish they would have shown the whole concert though. lame. But it was still swell!

  4. umm there should be a "it's not playing in my lovely country of canada" option
    can you yell at some disney reps and get em to play it in calgary? thanks. you should tour canada too