Monday, February 11, 2008

Geeks Speak

We're working away like elves on The Samantha Murphy Show. I'm so excited for you all to see what we're doing.

One of the segments, "Geeks Speak," features Samantha and I answering questions about all things tech, including websites, computers, gadgets, software, the junction of music and technology, etc. This is where you come in.

Got any questions? Any comparisons you'd like to see? Anything you'd like to ask a couple of huge geeks?

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  1. hey,
    I always wanted to know how it's possible to fit so much software into a gadget/computer that is so small. Do they actually make all of the computer chips and all smaller, or do they leave out stuff?

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  3. Hmm I can't think of a question, but I just wanted to tell you that there's a pretty sweet interview with Stacy, about being the music director of the tour, and they have a link to your blog, so you might be getting a lot of new visitors haha

  4. I've always wonder..
    Even if I'm not huge into graphics, video making, etc. would it still be worth it to get a Mac?
    Or is it just better to get a normal laptop?

  5. Here is a question, when will Apple allow me to replace my batteries on their products? I have had this deal with the iPods for a while now.

  6. What's the deal with the MacBook Air? Is it worthwhile? Well, the root question is this... I'm about to buy a computer for the first time in 10 years. What should I get? I'm 90 percent certain I want a Mac, and on the fence about laptop/desktop. Is there a best time to buy? This is probably WAY too broad for your Geeks Speak program.

  7. Let's say I have a bunch of old VHS tapes (mostly MST3k episodes) and want to convert them to DVD. I have a computer with an S-video thingy. I know I need an S-video cable, but there are several out there...which do I need? What software is required to make the conversion? Any other suggestions along these lines?

    (I also got a USB turntable for christmas at our company party and can convert old tapes and records to MP3 format. Viva la Revolucion Digital!)

  8. Okay, this one deals with music. It's actually something, I'm kind of scared to ask my band teacher because he'll more than likely think I'm retarded or something. Since I don't know you..

    When people professionally record something, how do they get so where the electronic stuff is in tune with something impossible to be in tune. Like, let's say a piccolo? I mean, I know personally in my band, we say stuff like "How do you get two piccolo players in tune?" "Easy! Shoot one!" because I think the only time I've ever heard two piccolo players in tune with each other (but not the band) was this crazy awesome marching band that I saw in Texas like.. four years ago. So, can you like.. edit the way your instrument sounds using a computer or something? If so, HOW? My new goal in life is to make my saxophone sound like.. I don't know.. a pan flute or something equally not.. saxophone-ish.