Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Coming Soon to a Town Near You!

Yes yes y'all! We're gearing up for an incredible Miley tour this fall, and as always I'll be blogging it all from the road like a nerdy little newsman.

I'm so excited about this tour. It's gonna be a blast! I'm going to do some things a bit differently this time though. For instance, this time I plan on:

-not coughing up a lung the whole friggin' time
-not getting violently hit by a car
-not being such a saaaad little emo boy
-not spending any time in Rochester

Hope to see you at a show. While you're waiting for the best night of your life, you may wanna brush up on the rules for attending a Miley concert.

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  1. I'm soooooo excited!!!! Can hardly wait.

  2. But pretty things happen when you're a sad emo boy.

  3. Very cool! I like Miley but I'd rather see you performing your stuff...and you'll be around Philly right around my birthday, too...do with that info what you will! LOL. :)

  4. I'm comin to the philly concert on my bday! hollah! Cannot wait, it's going to be the best night ever!!!!!!

  5. were you talking about rochester, michigan?

  6. hey now! i live in rochester ny and its not that bad all the time haha

  7. You left out not ending in terrible terrible firey doom