Wednesday, June 13, 2007

LAFF Goes Bonkers

Really?!?! "Transformers" is playing at the Los Angeles Film Festival?!?!

Really?!?! I can see it three weeks early?!?!

Really?!?! It only costs $500?!?!

Sign me up.

I might see it if they paid me $500.

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  1. i think you do protest too much. i'm thinking somewhere you have transformer underoos, and you're just supressing your desire to go to the festival, and then dress up for a star trek convention immediately following.

  2. Uh oh. You're on to me. I broke my back on purpose to get you and Noah out of town so I could wear my Transformer Underoos in public again, and go support Michael Bay.

    But you're wrong about Star Trek. That would just be geeky.

  3. So... we unfortunately went to see TF last night and let me just say that if your only two options were to A: See Transformers or B: Pay someone $500 to NOT see it, go with choice B. Seriously.

    So if someone offers to pay you $500 to see it, kindly refuse and walk away.

    I hate Michael Bay.