Wednesday, June 6, 2007

This Is Just Sad

Last week, I had a lot of work to do for a client I was producing, and poor Nicole had to take care of Noah pretty much day and night for a few days. Noah is a heavy little baby, so eventually she threw her back out. She had to lay in bed until she recovered. So then, I had to take care of Noah and Nicole pretty much day and night for a few days. So eventually, I threw my back out as well.

Here we were: two invalids and a baby.

We were already planning a trip up to Washington state in July, where Nic's Mom, Debi, was going to help us get Noah on a schedule. So we made the unfortunate decision to send Nic and Noah up early. They left last Wednesday. I have a lot of work this month, so I can't join them until July.

Which means, I'm at home all alone, missing my sweeties. I talk to Nic multiple times a day, where I get updates on all the cute new things Noah's doing ("he's smiling more now, and on purpose!"), but it's not the same as being there. Hopefully this will be a fast month.

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  1. I bet. Its hard being away from a baby and sweet wife. Mike I am so happy for you, your new cd is fantastic and I love this song that got placed on The Black Donnellys. I will try to make it to your gig on the 26th in Woodland Hills. Friends love the Track "Iraq" that you produced for me. Hope to see you soon. Monica. My son just turned 17! last week.

  2. Thank you Monica! I'm so glad you like my CD. Yours sounds great too! I bet it's great to finally be done. Congratulations on all the hard work you put in.