Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Google Will Own Us All

The new Google Reader just came out, and it's amazing. Score one more for them. Between the new Google Streets, this very blog site, Picasa, their search engine, and about fifty bazillion other applications which are all conveniently integrated, I'm a little worried about what this might mean for us. "Google Barnes & Noble"? "Google American Idol"? (Digression - this is nearly as bad as "The Starter Wife Presented by Ponds." It's one thing to try and get your show sponsored. Yay for getting funding. But when your show's title has to share screen space with your sponsor's name during the opening credits, it's time for a less greedy sponsor. Digression over.) People don't even say "do an internet search" anymore. They say "go Google it."

I'm very happy for the Google geeks who are rolling in money in their fat glorious hilltop mansions. (What do they even do with all that money? Buy a lifetime subscription to World of Warcraft? Snatch up all the rare Daredevil comics?) I just hope they know when to stop.

Google used to keep our internet search information till the end of time. I hear they just made a decision (after much urging from outside sources) to stop that. Now they only keep it for about 18 months. Why do they even need this info? It just seems like we're giving them a lot of authority here.

One day, they will create Googlebots who will end us.

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  1. i think we should just offer ourselves up to google now, and save ourselves the struggle of resistance.

  2. I think we are offering ourselves up to Google every time we enter information into their search engine. That's why I include our home address in every search: so they can just come and get me.

    Seriously though, I'm part of the Google Labs testing program. For real. They call me sometimes, to participate in experiments. I'm like their monkey.

  3. wow. does that make you Google's bitch?

    Yeah I think that Google is getting a little too big now. They are like the band-aid of bandages, the kleenex of tissues, the qtip of cotton swabs. hehe. cotton swabs.

  4. Yeah. Remember when it was Yahoo!? I bet their stock has dropped.

  5. Yes. It's always odd to me that Google never needed to advertise, but you see Yahoo! commercials all the time (and now) - It's so strange to me to think of a search engine advertising.