Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Whole What of What?!

What is the etymology of the word "slew?"

I can eat a whole slew of candy or do a whole slew of research, but what is a slew and where did it come from?

Also, if I may say so...very unattractive word.

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  1. slew, 1839, from the Irish slaugh, meaning 'a host, crowd, multitude'. also in 1801, an old nautical slang for drunk. neat. also, this is what happens when we're apart and i take your word questions very seriously, instead of mentioning coldslew, the picnic food.

  2. If anyone was gonna answer this, it would be you. :) Smarty.

    What is coldslew? Is that the same as coleslaw...?

  3. aww baby, im here for you with answers, especially when i consult the smart part of my brain, which i refer to as "the internet."

    yeah, sooo, coldslew/slaw. tomayto, tomahto? i take liberties to keep myself amused. :)