Saturday, June 21, 2008

They Were Bold Before...

...Now they're just being ridiculous. Samantha and I were driving home after a long day of shooting. I pulled the car into the driveway, to see a coyote lounging in my front yard. Not just sitting there, but mocking us. He was dead center in the yard, very comfortable; settled. He might as well have been holding a martini in one paw, and a sign saying "this is my house now" in the other (do they even have paws?).

As my headlights approached him - his reaction? Boredom, mostly. He was certainly not intimidated by us or our big bright vehicle coming his way.

He slowly pulled himself to his feet and ambled towards the house next door. Samantha tried to take his picture but it was pretty dark and he was too far away for her flash to work. So she basically got picture of pitch black...and one glowing eye.

Absolutely chilling. It looks like she sighted a sasquatch or something.

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  1. That's frightening. I've heard plenty of stories of coyotes attacking people (and small dogs - but I dont think you have that issue) so be careful!

  2. I would have been scared out of my mind!

  3. I've heard that Sasquatches communicate to each other by rapping on trees with sticks. I try this everytime I go out to the woods, but to no avail. SO far at least.
    I was three feet from an actual roaring lion last week. That was scary


  4. How many times have you had a run in with the coyotes in your neighborhood, cuz apparently it's normal to have a car pull up to them. They should be taken to an area just for them. That way people would'nt pull up in their drive way to see a coyote lounged there.
    - Nicole W, N.Y

  5. Nicole, they used to live in Griffith Park, until the big fire last year drove them all out and into our neighborhoods in the canyons. I think they're desperate. Hence the boldness.