Saturday, June 14, 2008

Strangers - Better Than Expected

So I saw The Strangers. And it was good. Very much a throwback to the 70's. In horror terms, that's a wonderful thing.

I don't even know how you could criticize it. It's a movie about people running around a house. That's all it intends to be. Running through the living room, running to the storage shed, running to the bathroom (well, okay, there's wasn't a whole lot of running to the bathroom). And after an elegant fifteen minute setup, every second of it is suspenseful. Can you expect any more than that?

Much of it's brilliance was due to the magnificently creepy sound design/score by tomandandy. There was a gorgeous, creaky cello cue that repeated a few times. I was very excited to find, during the credits, that this fantastic, featured cello part was played by Jessica Catron, who also played on my High Cost of Living album. Go Jessica!

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  1. So, we're in agreement on this. The audio (all aspects of it, score, sound fx, etc.) completely made that movie. For me the creepiest moments were when the bad guys weren't even on screen, just sudden, intense, persistent, random banging on doors and windows. Of particular note, the scene where liv tyler's alone and she retreats to the bedroom... scary stuff.

    Also, very cool the Jessica Catron connection.