Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Beatz 'n Rhymz 'n Lame Requestz

Dear Rappers of the World,

Please, I beg of you, stop requesting that I "put my hands in the air like I just don't care." There are only 3 possible outcomes here:

  • I will not put my hands in the air, because I just don't care
  • I will not put my hands in the air, but feel guilty about it
  • I will put my hands in the air, signifying that I most certainly do care, or else I wouldn't be following your instructions
I have never in my life seen anyone throw their hands in the air in order to signify their lack of care. This does not happen.

So stop asking.

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  1. LOLOL. Thanks Mike, I needed that chortle today!

  2. That almost sounded like Dr. Seuss, Mike Schmid style. :)

  3. ....really? i mean, really?

  4. I must admit that is damn fun. And damn true.

  5. That's not true Mike. In Australia we always throw our hands in the air and go "I don't give a stuff, she'll be right mate!" So there! Hey, great job on Stripped. Camera time for Schmid Island as well. Stay cool and funny. Luv ya.

  6. so i completely and utterly agree with this rant. and I love it but i was discussing it with my friend today and she found a loop hole.

    If you have tourets (sp?) and we cannot help if you throw your hands in the air, you may not care.

  7. How about an act of rebellion?
    What can we get you to do to show you don't care? Besides, I know you DO care.