Monday, September 1, 2008

On the Playground

Ah, the sweetie. I had an wonderful time getting to know Noah better. Early in the week, we went to a playground, and I learned that he:

  • enjoys a good jog now and then
  • can be hard to keep up with while enjoying said jog
  • is quite adept at climbing stairs and turning wheels
  • loves observing people (especially girls), and saying "hi" to them in the sweetest voice you'll ever hear
  • enjoys loud rocket balloons
  • is the most adorable thing ever created (oh wait, I already knew that one)

More video coming!

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  1. awww Noah is soo adorable. And when he said "Hi" it was the cutest thing ever. I can't wait to see more videos of him. Also, was that little girl wearing a Hannah Montana t-shirt? haha

  2. Wow, he is really cute. I love how he says "hi." It almost sounds like a "hi, how YOU doin?" You should teach him to wink :D.

  3. oh my GOODNESS Mike, he is absolutely precious. I love that he's not shy and just wanting to talk to people :-D Already hittin' on the girls, hahaha...

  4. WHAT A CUTIEEE!! bib and everything! what a cute kid. can't wait for more vids!!

  5. SOOOO CUTE!! I love the part where he takes off across the parking lot, lol!

  6. i can't believe how big and FAST he is! and very articulate with his limited vocabulary, he certainly gets his point across (ahem)....!!!! So, so adorable, Mike....bring on episode two!!

  7. Yup he is the most adorable thing every created! I love when he's like "hi...hi..hi"