Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Eating & Dancing

Eating is fun and dancing is fun. So why not combine them? That's certainly Noah's philosophy.

You will also see in this video, that he:
  • Loves Regina Spektor (thanks Mom!)
  • Doesn't love a water bottle in his pasta
  • Can totally do that spoon thing himself (no help needed!)
Be sure to stick around, as the dancing gets even better towards the end.

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  1. He is amazing! Wow. And to think my mom got me addicted to The Beatles and Elton John at an early age. lol Seems like a fantastic visit. Hope all is well. I feel bad about my comment that the new album wasn't longer than "The High Cost...", I didn't mean to imply you should extended the emotions behind the album. I kicked myself and hope you accept my apology. haha The album is 100% great. Still cry on "Don't Follow Your Heart" and "Little Noah". Geebus, it's wonderful. Have a good one, Mike.

  2. It was so worth watching 'til the end. :)

  3. OMG, he is such a darling. Thank you for posting these videos -- he's as charming as his daddy!! :)

  4. OMG, he is so cute.
    Hum, you dont know me, but I was just passing by, I'm from Argentina.

  5. aw I love how excited you are about your son!
    I am an aunt, I know its not the same thing but I do understand how fun and heartwarming it is to watch the little ones grow and learn and do cute things.
    Since you don't get to see him everyday I am sure it's even MORE exciting.
    Btw he's got one nice set of eyes!