Wednesday, April 11, 2007

From Geek To Chic

I finally have internet access again. Yay! It's so weird to be disconnected. I was in the process of moving everything out to my brand spanking new studio (courtesy of my Dad the builder).

Here's was my old studio in the house:

It took me three days to get everything packed up and unplugged and sorted through...leaving this--

Then Nicole and I painted it a lovely shade of "here comes the baby" blue. After priming every known surface in the universe, and then painting those surfaces, and painting some of them again...we had spent three more days...We ended up with this--

A nice empty room with purty colors (it's bluer in real life than it looks in the picture). The next challenge -- baby furniture!

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  1. it's joyous.. yet painful to see this.. :)