Monday, April 16, 2007

Some Assembly Required

The baby room had become overrun with boxes of furniture, so I figured it was time to bite the bullet and start assembling them.

I've been reading that putting furniture together is a rite of passage for new fathers. However, I believe that musicians should never assemble furniture. It's a cardinal rule. But I decided to break it.

I started with some easy stuff (you can see the "glider" and ottoman in the background). So far so good.

The changing table/dresser was next. After opening the box, I discovered that there was a part for every letter of the alphabet. I quickly ran out of room...and sanity.

Literally three hours later, I got the whole thing put together. If you look really closely here, you can see the bandaid on my index finger. Let's just say that you don't need sharp things to puncture your skin...a phillips head screwdriver will do the trick.

One down! Now I just have a desk, two bookshelves, a buffet, a crib, a bathroom shelf and the travel system to build... That should still leave me with two working fingers.

Oh, and there's still quite a bit of painting to do. But I don't have to do it.

Every time I paint, I complain. My Mom says I get it from her. I'm on a ladder, bending in all directions, splattering paint on every surface, whining "this is so boring," "I hate crown moulding," and "my everything hurts."

Needless to say, I was relieved of my painting duties, just so my wife didn't have to hear it anymore.

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