Monday, March 26, 2007

Journey of the Wood

The big fat studio move is officially underway! I'm packing up my office (other than the computer I'm currently typing this on) and preparing to walk it a few feet out to the garage. Yay!

A few months ago, the garage looked like this:

(That's my Dad, rolling important green stuff onto the floor before he placed the plywood.)

Here is the flooring we purchased. Pergo. It's interesting, the concept of a floor in a box.

The flooring sat quietly and considered its next move.

While our backs were turned, Pergo ninja'd his way to the garage and hid.

He spied the bare plywood and got ideas.

He laid down and made the room all shiny and cozy.

Okay, I wish. Really though, my Dad slaved over sticky glue and interlocking laminate pieces all night. But it looks really nice.

Today he put in the baseboards, and the room is finally ready for me to move into. Which means I have to unplug this computer. Now...

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