Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Clean Hands

Well it's finally coming together. The house is almost completely finished, and our little baby boy is due this week!

After the home improvement marathon, we hadn't used everything we bought. So yesterday, I spent the day returning things. I went to Home Depot (oh I just LOVE that place), Lowes, Frys, Ikea, Ametron, not to mention the bank and post office and some other places I forget. But I had my iPod, and listened to nothing but Freedy Johnston all day. So it was a lovely time.

I've been discovering for the last week that I just love hand sanitizer. I think it's a miracle. I knew it existed. I've used it before. But with all the projects we're doing, my hands have been dirty a lot. I'm not a fan of the dirty hands. You know when people say they like a person who's "not afraid to get his hands dirty?" Well, I'm not their guy. I like smooth, clean hands. Hands I could drink out of, if I had the strange urge. So I've been buying hand sanitizer, and placing bottles of it everywhere. I was very excited yesterday at Lowes, when I discovered an unholy gigantic bottle of it, and it became the "car bottle." I have a "desk bottle." There's the "sink bottle." I'm not obsessive compulsive, but I certainly have some OC impulses, and this is a wonderful way for me to indulge them. Every five minutes, I'm slathering it on. I love how it feels when it evaporates. Ahhh.

On another note, last week my wife and I, and our moms, trekked out to Babies R' Us, and basically had a big supermarket sweep. We pretty much bought out the store, and now our little baby will want for nothing. And all we'll want for is more space to put the stuff.

Very exciting though. I can't wait to meet the little feller. I hope, like every parent hopes, that our child will have an easy temperment, and be absolutely healthy. But we'll love him no matter who he is.

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  1. I love that Ametron figures into your baby preparation. Only you. Have fun tomorrow!