Monday, July 21, 2008

TV Guide

You may remember this picture that I took on the tour:

It is now being featured on page 39 of the current (July 21-August 3) issue TV Guide magazine, in the cover story about Miley and her big cool life. Check it out.

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  1. Mike your photography is legendary and you should seriously be paid for that picture lol

  2. Did you release it to them? If not, I feel you Mike - a photo I took at Wango Tango found its way onto Mandy's MySpace and into someone's vid on YouTube. But it's my fault I didn't tag it. But it's cool, something I took is floating out there and people liked it enough to use it.

  3. Holly, yes I did release it to them. My pictures are licensed through Creative Commons on Flickr, which says that the pictures can only be used with my permission. I didn't, however, get paid for this. Oh well.

  4. It's a great picture! I just came across this... you might have blogged about it months ago... but for what it's worth =)

  5. it would be even more exciting if they put one of those credits under the pictures.
    photo taken by mike schmid.


  6. Moosie - Kay brought that to my attention. HILARIOUS! I love the Onion.

    Christierenee - They did! Yay!

  7. that picture is also her main wikipedia picture!


  8. Hey Mike, the second photo on that site is one that you took during curtain call on the tour!
    So both photos are your proteges'.