Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good Morning America

So the giant machine that is the Miley Cyrus production invaded Bryant Park, and New York City did not know what hit it. Thousands and thousands of young girls and their moms (I think there may have been two or three young boys) piled in, filled up the park and then continued to spill up and down the adjacent streets.

Call time was 6:30am (after rehearsing the night before), so we all yawned our way through the van ride, but by the time we ambled on stage and heard all the kids screaming for Miley, their boundless enthusiasm psyched us all up for sound check.

Isn't that THE Kay Hanley?

Running through a couple songs before the show

Checkin' the mix, checkin' the mix... Sibilance? Sibilance?

Jacozilla takes on New York

After the GMA fashion show, the weather, and some stupidity about "staycations" (and we waited on stage during all of this), we finally got around to Miley's segment. As always, she came out like the little pro she is and knocked the interview and concert right out of the park. She's just always on, even ridiculously early in the morning.

Hot people and their hot moves

Some girl came up and did karaoke with us

It went very smoothly. And once again, I was barely on camera for five seconds. Schmid Island is an exotic destination; most cameramen are not up for the trip. They like to stick to the safe zones, namely Jacotown and Jamieland.

The whole show was done by about 9:30am, when we should still have been in our beds, sleeping like the west coast slacker musicians we are.

Then Nadia and I walked, like, 87 blocks for some bagels.

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  1. lol sounds like a pretty fun time.

    if i ever see you keyboardin' it up at a miley concert i will totally videotape more than 5 seconds of schmid island. as in like, 6 or 7 seconds. or 350. we'll see.
    so get cracking on blackmailing the tour managers into bringing the show across canada.

    oh my and that "Jacozilla" picture gave me a really good laughing start to my day haha. you should edit it a bit and cut out the top parts of the buildings so they look smaller, thus making jacozilla look even more jacozilla-ious.

    well i'm done rambling. have a nice day! peace

  2. I have houses in Jamieland, but I'm looking to buy vacation property on Schmid Island, cause you know, it's secluded and exclusive.

  3. hey mike! i was wondering if you knew when the stripped performance will be released

  4. make miley come to Washington soon so that i can take some awesome pictures of the awesome band.
    because quite frankily the band is usually ignored, but not to me and my group of friends we tend to fall for the band more than the actual artist, because the band usually pays attention to us rather than the said artist. if that makes any sense. ;)

    west coast slacker musicians!!
    BAHAHAH i died laughing whe i read that. probably because i am from the west coast and lets just say ppl around here are still in bed sleeping at 9:30am unless they are forced to go to work. then they are up early. =D

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  6. Awww.....yes, you should get more screen time! Great photos and thanks for another excellent and entertaining blog.

    Oh and I took my mum to see Mamma Mia last week too and umm, yeah, there were glances exchanged during Pierce's singing. You're funny! Take care Mike.

    PS: Oops, sorry about the comment deleted above, not use to this sign in blogger thingy. Duh! not blonde either.

  7. That drummer looks like Nate Moreton, who also went to Berklee.
    Is it?
    Looking forward to the new album!!!!

  8. yes Miley's. is deferentially a little pro she is and deferentially knocked the interview and concert right out of the park & She's just always seems so happy ween she is sing in front of a crowd !!

  9. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for all the great photos from NYC and the GMA Bryant Park performance. I always look for you and it does seem that the cameras do not frequent your little island all that much, but I love it when they do. I saw you for a wee bit on the Today Show concert and you are on screen a lot in the concert tour movie that just aired on TV the other night. Will you be on the Teen Choice Awards with Miley?

  10. have you heard anything regarding another tour soon? if so, is it just miley or is it hannah / miley again? thanks Mr. Schmid!

  11. oh, schmidley. you make me laugh.


  12. It's great that you mentioned the two or three boys at the show. My friends and I made a point look for guys "older than twelve, and younger than father" at a Jonas Brothers show once and actually ended up running into their keyboardist. Also, when we did spot some guys in the audience clearly not with girlfriends, the awkwardness fuming out of them was hilarious.

  13. I did search to find the appropriate post to comment but alas I chose this one. Just wanted to let you know I bought one of your songs...then googled you to find out who you were.

    I love it, it's the soundtrack to my website. Thanks, I'm really glad I found a new artist to enjoy.