Sunday, July 13, 2008


Jott has been really useful, and I also wanted to tell you about another awesome site, Mosio. You send a question, either on the site, through a text message, or with your voice using Jott. Questions like "where did the custom of 'knocking on wood' come from?" Then within minutes, somebody somewhere (or a bunch of somebodies) answers your question. And you can even have the answers texted back to you if you're away from a computer. Simple and awesome.

I tested it out by asking "Where did the name Mosio come from?" And within 55 seconds, I got a text on my phone telling me that it stands for Mobile Sociology.

So, next time you're on a long road trip, arguing about which year some obscure album came out, let Mosio settle it. But make sure to place a few bets first.

You could even try asking for the meaning of life, if you want to hear a few random strangers philosophize. But, note to my mom: I doubt you'll get good results if you ask "who was that guy in that movie about the thing?"

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  1. oh i use yahoo answers for that. i love it. you can ask anything and then you get a bunch of answers from people around the world

  2. Jott + Mosio is definitely one of my favorite mashups I've seen. Both are useful rather even more useful together rather than just having technologies together for technology's sake.

  3. I use ChaCha for that. It's like the same thing but it's texting. You text a question to 242242 and a couple minutes later you get an answer :]

  4. OK Son, you are gonna get that doodad for the thingie magig, when I see U! Ha, ha, Mom.

  5. Mike -

    These tips of late have been almost as useful to me as your last album...Jott just might revolutionize my life, though, time will tell.


  6. Cool! Once I get a decent upgraded phone I'll have to check out those sites. Time to finally come out of the dark ages...

  7. So you're saying I should stop using my rotary phone?

  8. Jackie, aka KazooistJuly 24, 2008 at 4:06 PM

    You know, I thought I'd let you know.

    I went on a road trip this past weekend with my friends, and as we were driving through Nebraska on the way home, we passed a wind farm, with a ton of turbines. My friends says: "Did you know, a turbine can spin fast enough to break the speed of sound?" I was skeptical. After remembering this blog about Mosio, we hit it up (after about 30 minutes of arguing physics and number crunching.) Turns out, we were both right. Turbines can physically get to that speed (provided the wind is strong enough), but none of them are built to withstand it, so they shatter and break apart for actually reaching the speed to make a sonic boom.

    Thanks for giving us a tool to settle one of our petty physics based disputes.