Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stadium of Fire

Ah, Utah: state that I never planned to visit. First we filmed our big 3D movie in Salt Lake City, and now we were performing at the Stadium of Fire 4th of July Spectacular in Provo. What a unique place. The state slogan is "Home of Mormons and Meth Labs."

Upon arrival we were greeted by the strangest street fair I've ever seen. For sale: BBQ chicken, Miley Cyrus paintings, marshmallow cannons, Mormon prophet dolls (he recites scripture when you push him!), all manner of pyrotechnics, swords and katanas, and a variety of BB guns. Jaco was eyeing the BB shotgun with laser sight - only $5!

Provo is home to a large amount of ethnic restaurants. Stacy was sure that most of them were terrible. Wandering for nearly an hour, looking in windows for any sign of authenticity, the whole band eventually decided to eschew the Mexican, Italian, and blah blah blah places, and went for the yummy smelling Indian place. It was a surprisingly tasty meal. We all left stuffed.

Afterwards, I walked around town with Nadia, the new background singer. Candice has left us, and Nadia came in to take her place. I had a nice long talk with her about life, love, god, etc. A good night.

The next day, we arrived at the stadium... OF FIRE! --(Sidenote: every time I heard the words "Stadium of Fire," I also heard a big 80's drum fill and some squealing guitars accompanying an "Eye of the Tiger"-like vocalist. STADIUM OF FIIIIIIIRE! It's EXXXXTREEEEEEME! MONSTERRRR TRUUUUUUCKS!)-- I digress.

We came. We soundchecked. We conquered.

We also tested out some giant columns -- OF FIRE.

Jamie refreshed Miley's memory on the chord progression for "I Miss You."

Some of you have also noticed that Stacy wasn't there. Well, he actually was there, just not on stage. He broke his arm playing softball, and has to sit out for six weeks. But he's still the Musical Director, and still bosses us all around. His replacement is an awesome guy named Nate, who previously played on that Rockstar TV show.

The big (drum fill) STADIUM OF FIIIIIIRE!!!!! show equaled the weirdness of the previous day's street fair. It was hosted by right-wingnut, Glen Beck, and included a performance by Blue Man Group.

Much fanfair.


Some flags

And fighter jet flyovers

Close call

The best part though -- during the show, the words "Stadium of Fire" came up on a screen all fiery (of course!), and then my dream came true. Out from the speakers came a huge 80's drum fill, and nearly note for note, the beautiful symphony of cheese, exactly as I heard it in my head (minus the "MONSTERRRRRR TRUUUUUUCKS!" part). I laughed for nearly a half-hour after that.

Speaking of fire, check out the hotness (L to R: Kay, Nadia)

At one point, 1300 dancers filled the field and acted out all the sports of the summer Olympics in 7 minutes.

Why? Umm, dunno. Just seemed like a good idea at the time.

Oh yeah, and we played some music too.

Then we had pizza and went home.

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  1. Um. Wow.

    I see "purity" and "loyalty" but what did the red flag say?

    It's going to nag at me.

  2. Welcome Nadia!
    But why did Candice leave? I liked her with the band?
    It seemed like she was happy singing with Miley

  3. im sorry. but that video makes me laugh. 1.because its just kinda pointless. 2.because i cant figure out how that looks like the olympic sports or whatever. and 3. because i cant imagine what is going trough those dancers heads while they look dumb dancing on that field.

  4. Now hold up. Never posted before. Mike..thanks for keeping me entertained over the past year. Anyway...back to the "hold up." I know I know...it looks weird. I live here (mind y'all..I didn't grow UP here...BIG diff)...but the dancer thing is a Stadium Of Fire tradition from what I hear (twas my first time going)...cheesy, I know...but the little dancers make memories. LOL So...yeah...let the poor buggers be. LOL My friend helped the dancers learn everything...it was all something about it being the year of the Olympics, I THINK. Anyway...About the flags...they came down as Glen Beck explained what each of the colors on the American flag stands for. The last color (red) stands for valour. Or at least..something to that effect. Can't remember the exact word on the flag. Don't remember...I was just way excited to see Miley and Crew for the first time. HEY now...I'm too old to go to a HANNAH concert...but a MILEY one? I can, at least, talk my way out of that one a bit easier in convo. LOL EVERYone was excited here...not just the kiddies. Anyway...yeah...the 80's theme song always freaks ALL of us out here in Utah. So...no...it's not cuz we're Mormons. Someone is just REALLY really hellbent on annoyin the hell outta us. So yes, Mike...we ALL make fun of it when the commercial for the event comes on. At least YOU only had to hear it ONCE. Try the whole month or so leading up to it. As some say here...OH MY HECK!

  5. thats too bad about Stacys arm. Hope he feels better. Hey but why did Candice leave the gig? ya'll seemed to have such a blast together.

  6. Haha I always love reading your blogs...I hope you keep us updated a little more aften...and can you tell use about the trip to gma and also the today show when you guys to?

  7. I'm not going to lie... your blog is like crack to me. So entertaining to read.

  8. Hey Mike,

    Glad to see your updates. I'll miss Candice stories too, but its nice to have Nadia (She used to sing background with Miss Duff, right?).

    Have fun on the Today show tomorrow!

  9. omg bigpaul25 i think you're totally right about nadia working with hilary. i am like, crazy insane hilary duff fanatic, but once her band continuously changed it got hard to keep track but i think you're right. omg. yay

  10. I was on campus at BYU that week... sad I couldn't go to the show. And I agree with that whole food thing; my first night there I passed 10 sushi places in 5 minutes trying to find food...

  11. myke
    did you write Bottom of the ocean with miley. My bbf said you did.