Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Noah Visit

Adorable videos coming soon (as soon as I have time to edit them), but here are a few pictures from my last Noah visit in Washington:

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  1. Mike, these pics of Noah are adorable. Also, wanted to stop by and say I enjoyed meeting you after the Sirius radio event. We enjoyed it but why did they have to put you all in that plastic room? Billy Ray called it a "fishbowl". Got to talk to him too and Brandi. You guys play so well together...it was all good!
    Gail B.

  2. What happened to baby Noah... he's big boy Noah now!!! How does time fly so quickly? He's a cutie as always... looking forward to the videos. ;o)

    Heather F

  3. Gail: Nice meeting you too, finally! I'll have some pics up of the XM show soon!

    Heather: Seriously! He's growing so fast.