Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good Morning America

We were taping at the Hard Rock in Times Square. I think this was the first time we've ever played in a restaurant. Also, the first time I've ever been in a Hard Rock at 7am. Hopefully the last.

Soundcheck went very smoothly; no major disasters.

And suddenly the place filled up with Billy Ray and Miley fans.

What time again?

What in the world was Diane Sawyer saying at the beginning? "A huge hit off the tack?"

And Schmid Island got more camera time than ever.

Then we busted out a new track.

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  1. Thrillbilly rilly rocks!

  2. Mike, I am glad to hear that things were better for your band at the Hard Rock and GMA concert. I watched it on TV that morning and loved it. Miley and Billy Ray sound so good on "Butterfly, Fly Away" and "Thrillbilly" is also a favorite song of mine off Billy Ray's new CD. Yes, I noticed that Schmid Island was getting more camera time, and I love the hat. My friends, Gail and Sherry, were at the Hard Rock that morning and said they got to talk to you for a bit.

  3. Yeah whatever dude, play a concert at a flea market in Kentucky and then we'll talk.