Monday, April 6, 2009

L.A. Premiere

The L.A. premiere of the Hannah Montana movie was a big success. I didn't get to see the whole thing, cause we were getting ready to do our thang in the dressing room, but what I did see was very fun and entertaining, and we were all commenting on how gorgeously-shot the movie is.

As the movie ended, the screen lifted, smoke poured out and Miley surprised everyone with a concert.

Here are some pics from our rehearsal with the orchestra:

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  1. Did you just perform one song?

  2. Hi Mike, thanks for the pics from the LA premiere. Sorry you didn't get to see the entire movie, but I am sure you will soon. Are you going to be at the Nashville premiere? My friend and I are going to be in Nashville for it but don't actually have tickets to the premiere. If you're there, maybe I'll get to say hello outside the theater. We are going to see the movie first thing on the 10th.


  4. swe3t23: It was about 6 songs. Awesome to play with that orchestra!

    Charma: We played in Nashville, not at the premiere, but at an event at the Country Music Hall of Fame after the premiere. Details and awesome pics soon.

    alexis: Yup yup. Haven't seen our scene yet so I don't know how much you see MY mug, but the band is in the big finale.

  5. what songs did you play? Saw the movie and saw you at the end. Great to see band. Was that Candice, miley's other backup singer from the Best of Both Worlds Tour? I know the other was Kay. The other chick looked like Candace.

    But the movie is really good, shot differently nothing like the TV Series. Has drama and comedy. Don't know how Miley does it.

  6. Hi Mike, I got home from Nashville last night at midnight. My friend, Carol and I, were at the Red Carpet event for the Hannah Montana the Movie premiere and it was so much fun. We got to talk to Billy Ray and get a picture with him and he signed my Back To Tennesse CD for me. Miley looked beautiful. There were a lot of other stars there and we got to get pics with some of them, too. We also said hi to Tish, Brandi and Noah. We looked for you thinking you may be at the premiere and I was hoping to meet you, but now I know that you weren't there but getting ready for the event afterwards at the Hall of Fame. I bet that was fun and I am looking forward to seeing your awesome pics and hearing all the details. My friends, Gail and Sherry, said they were lucky enough to meet you in NYC at the Hard Rock show the other day. Maybe sometime I will get to meet you in person. We did get to see the movie at midnight the same nigt and were sitting with some of the extras from the movie. It was their first time to see it and they were so excited. I loved the movie and it was fun to see you in it, too.