Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Am Made of Ones and Zeroes

Quintessential nerd that I am, I was casually browsing IGN for video game news. It's what we nerds do. And out popped a screenshot for the upcoming Hannah Montana: The Movie: The Game. Of course, it's still a work-in-progress (the title alone is proof of that), but have a little look-see:

What is interesting about this? They've duplicated our tour stage. Good for them! With selective attention to detail. They nailed the layout, but notice: no Jaco, no Vashon, no Jamie. Stacy may be hidden behind Hannah. All we see are three (oddly spaced) dancers...and, look at Schmid Island.

Look closer...

I appear to be wearing my actual tour wardrobe (tourdrobe?) and playing some sort of plexiglass plate instead of keyboards (it's the FUTURE!). I'm in a videogame! And they accurately depicted my blindingly white skin. Kudos, game developers, for knowing what matters.

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  1. Lots of creataive people in this world! Wow, what attention to detail! Must have taken them a ton of time to do this. I can't even immagine! I must admit it looks good in a weird way!


  2. OMG. That's too funny!

    Saw your appearance on Raw Rhythms (archived, since I was asleep by 11pm ET) -- so awesome to see you play!

  3. Wait..can you tilt and see if I'm up in the trussing? Hahaha