Monday, February 16, 2009

Let the Firetrucks Bring Us Together

I love it when a fire engine is sirening its way down the street and everyone pulls to the side of the road and freezes.

For a moment, everyone puts aside the enveloping sagas of their lives and works together toward the common goal of getting the truck to its destination quickly.

It's such a beautiful simple moment where suddenly everybody, regardless of politics, religion or taste, is on the same page. A rare moment of grace.

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  1. You just like it because firetrucks are your friends.

  2. It takes a sensitive songwriter to notice that!


  3. Yeah, Mike..... You have had a lot of fire trucks in your life lately, Huh? Well actually it is nice that you made such a sensative observation, normally pull aside and then take off after the truck passes, without thinking, but what you did is beautiful! I commend you for that!! Lily

  4. To bring the negative side into view: that probably means somebody's house is on fire. Or show...

  5. Mike, loved you observation and now I will always think of you when I pull over for a fire truck or emergency vehicle. Iggy, great comment!

  6. Really? This is your experience? Cause what I see is people pulling over and then seeing who can get a better position in traffic just after the truck passes. Stupid L.A. Hope to see you tomorrow at Charlie's shower! Love, Pennifer