Saturday, February 7, 2009

EXTREME Home Makeover of the Sad Kind

You may have heard by now that our gig with Billy Ray didn't go exactly as planned. Witness for yourself:

What is it with me and fire!?

Fortunately, no one was hurt. But the building was a total loss.

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  1. Chimney fire, it seems. We all remarked what a large and wonderful fire they had going in the fireplace. After our freezing cold rehearsal, we were all psyched to warm our hands in the lodge and have some dinner.

    Halfway through dinner, Stacy said, "it seems REALLY hot in here." But we didn't really notice anything wrong, until the fire marshal came in and said, "please evacuate. The building is on fire." Of course, everybody laughed, but he assured us he was serious.

    When we went outside, there was smoke everywhere. Pretty scary, since we couldn't tell at all from inside.

  2. Wow, when they call the show Extreme Makeover, they don't kid around! I wonder if the Lodge will get the rest of an extreme makeover and be rebuilt on the show. I'm glad nobody was hurt!

  3. I was watching the E channel and at the bottom I caught the ending part of something about Billy Ray Cyrus and Extreme Makeover Home Edition and something about no injuries and I was like Omg what happened. Now I know lol Wow, thats crazy that the whole building went up in flames like that. I'm glad nobody was hurt.

  4. Hi Mike, I heard about this fire and was wondering if you were there for the gig with Billy Ray. It looked like a really nice place. I am so sorry for the owners that this happened, but am very thankful that no one was hurt. Did you get all of your gear out of the venue? Hopefully, they will set up another date for Billy Ray to perform for Extreme Makeover, Home Edition and this show. It would be great to see you all on the show. Maybe they will do something to help these people out with rebuilding.

  5. Oh my goodness. Hi Mike, it's Dan Tan, from North Carolina. Not sure I want to remind you who I am, but, um, I organized the concert you and Koo played in Raleigh during the... the... tour of fire.

    Anyways, I check in on your blog every now and then. If you're ever in NC, look me up if you need a place to crash. Koo has my contact info.

  6. Jaco needs to turn his amp down....