Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Brilliance in Your Eardrums

In case you missed the Grammys the other night, this is what magic sounds like:

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  1. When did Tom Yorke become Axl Rose? That's his serpentine...his!

  2. um, brilliance? Super cool maybe. But briliance? Hmmmm
    Love you Schmiddy - glad you are OK my friend

  3. Ehhhh. The band pairing was visually impressive. I love Radiohead, but...well, at least the Jonas Brothers didn't lipsync. ;)

    Man, the sound was rough all around that night, no?

    And I'm with Iggy, bring on some Axl, already. They need to trick him into playing with Slash. THAT will bring the magic.

  4. This was HOLY SHIT Awesome!

    SO is the High Cost of Living. And the House that We built.

    Love ya Mike!

  5. I just don't get In Rainbows. I downloaded it and listened to it. Didn't like a single song on it. I listened to it again in case it grew on me. I still didn't find one single song I'd ever want to listen to again.

    But, I tried a third time and came to the same conclusion. Not one of those songs speaks to me. I really liked OK Computer, though.

  6. I enjoyed the performance for sure, but the standout for me was Sugarland/Adele. Such an interesting match that I thought worked really well. Were you performing somewhere in the background of the Miley/Taylor song?