Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Today's The Day

Bioshock Day. Finally.

Or rather it was supposed to be. I ran out to the store first thing and grabbed my reserved copy.

I thought I would continue capturing footage for The Samantha Murphy Show while I played me some sweet sweet Bioshocking goodness.

Unfortunately, today was the day capturing died. My computer wouldn't recognize the camera anymore. No sweat. I tried five different cameras. None of them were recognized. No sweat. I tried a different firewire cable. Nope. I thought, "maybe it's my video capture card." So I even tried all five cameras and two cables on a different computer (the Mac). That didn't work either! SWEAT! I spent literally all day trying to get footage to capture like it was last night and no dice.

I did spend about 45 minutes playing Bioshock though. And it is definitely amazing. The city of Rapture is an amazing place. Teeming with detail. It's all so beautiful. The game is full of ideas about Objectivism and human frailty. It's a gorgeous work of art and I can't wait to return. But not until I can get this footage going.

I'm also working on some music for a VH1 pilot, and yesterday they contacted me and said they need the song by Tuesday. Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but as I have to have the SM show done by the weekend, that will be very tight. I was going to try and have my album done this week, but that will have to happen later.

Rapture. One day I will visit you.

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