Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Oh Calamity!

News broke all over the internet last night that a Toys R' Us in Houston sold a copy of Bioshock. The street date is next Tuesday. Video games frequently come out after their street date, but never before. All eyes were on the gaming forums as many people compared stories of finding a copy at their local Toys R' Us.

First thing this morning I called the Los Angeles store and sure enough, they had two copies in stock. But I couldn't go right away, as I had an 11:00 violin session with Daphne Chen.

So after the session, at 1:30pm, I called the Los Angeles store. They greeted me with "Are you calling about Bioshock?" and I knew the jig was up. Apparently a memo was sent to all the TRU stores nationally that a mistake was made, and the stores that broke street date were being fined heavily. I proceeded to call other local TRU's but they had all caught on at that point.

The thing that sucks the most is that all these stores have stacks of glorious copies of Bioshock trapped in a box in back of the store, just sitting for a week.

Boo to you. Booooo.

There are enterprising jerks who bought multiple copies from TRU and are selling them on eBay for $120, and people are buying them. No one could be more excited about this game than me, and even I can't imagine paying double the price to get it a few days early.

Of course, I don't really have time to play it this week anyway. So perhaps it's all moot.

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