Monday, July 2, 2007


Flights have gotten expensive. To save a little bit of money, I decided not to fly direct to Seattle. I had a connecting flight in Sacramento. But, what's another two hours added on the trip.

However, the flight from LAX to Sacramento ended up departing an hour-and-a-half late, leaving us (me and the four other people making the same connection) only fifteen minutes to run across the Sacramento airport to the other gate. We all arrived just in time, with only five minutes to spare, only to discover that our flight to Seattle left ten minutes early. I have never heard of this. A flight leaving early? And it was on Alaska, who is notorious for always running behind schedule.

And of course it was the last flight out for the night. So Delta gave us a meal voucher ($7 to spend at Cinnabon - wow) and a night at the La Quinta Inn. It was truly the least they could do.

The five of us have sort of become an odd, temporary makeshift family. It's weird how you bond with people when circumstances deteriorate.

Now I'm sitting on a bed at the La Quinta Inn writing this blog on my lovely MacBook. Looking at the bright side: they've got a great wireless network, and free HBO (I haven't seen Big Love in a while), so it'll be an okay night.

If only I had some Tylenol. Or some Valium.

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